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Today, nutritional treatment is evolving. Gone are the restrictive and difficult to follow “diets”. Food is an elementary factor that helps us, day by day, to achieve and maintain good health, preventing possible diseases and improving quality of life,while strengthening health.


The variety of people who trust us means that we meet very diverse demands. From beginners in physical exercise to professional athletes seeking the optimal development of their abilities.


Our technique is based on passive work and active work. Their combination has shown us the feasibility to reach the patient's objective, from focused pain treatment to recovery from injury. We are known for practicing active listening with the patient and a multidisciplinary and personalized work.


There is very little awareness of the importance of the body-mind balance; Therefore, with the Pilates Method we want our clients to improve their body posture, flexibility, strength and body composition, while treating anxiety or mental health. Obtaining, thus, great benefits at a generic level without losing the essence of Human Perform.


Technique based on the application of pressure in various areas of the body with the aim of stimulating blood circulation. Thus, it helps us reduce fluid retention and increase the oxygenation and nutrition of our tissues. For athletes it is a simple tool that provides them with help in their recovery times.


Exclusive training for opponents focused on their physical tests with the possibility of attending the fixed schedule of opponents or to choose.

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Testimonials from our members

Do not leave the school district.

Susana M.G

Entering the Human Family has been better for me than if I had won the lottery. In just one year I have seen one of my dreams fulfilled, to feel good about myself, both physically and psychologically, and I owe this to all the professionals that make up this great family. I only have one word to say, THANK YOU

Javier A.D

I can only say that I am amazed at you, because despite your insulting youth, you demonstrate admirable professionalism and poise... Congratulations team!

Luisa S.R

To say that in Human Perform they bring out the swan that every ugly duckling carries inside may sound like a tale. But there is nothing fancy about the motivation for constant work, the professionalism of the staff, the always friendly treatment, the attentive listening... That is its magic: transmitting us the illusion of improving our well-being, and without magic wands!